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After much thought, the top five Worst Bed entries have been chosen.  We took careful consideration for all the entries and based on the stories and then the pictures we have our top five picks.  We thank everyone for sharing your stories and photos with us.  Now it is time for you to vote for your favorite Worst Bed! Voting will go till Sunday, December 5th and then we will announce the winner Monday morning at 10:30. Good luck to all!


Number 1

Restless leg syndrome: if you haven't had it or slept with someone with it, you have NO IDEA how bad it is.  My husband has slept in       another bed, in another room, for almost two years now.  Our bed looks great, cost a lot of money so it's hard to justify getting rid of it, but it cannot house two people when ! one jerks like crazy all night.  When I talked to the folks at Quality Furnishings, they suggested that a new Intellibed could solve the restless leg issues!!!!!!!!Then there is our two year old son - see the pillows under the sheets on the right side?  Those are to keep him from falling out, when he finds me in the bed in the middle of the night.  Then he wanders back and forth all night, wanting either Mommy or Daddy (whomever's bed he's not in) at different times.  If we were in the same bed... hmmm, maybe we could all get some sleep!  Basically, I miss my husband.  I love having the small child in bed but he wiggles and sprawls (and wants Daddy).  My hips and back, blown out many years ago from an injury, need more support because I sleep in one, non-moving position all night. We'd love a new bed that would bring our family back together in restful, warm comfort.  We'd even donate our old bed to someone else in need!



Number 2

This is my bed, I have had it for over 17 years since my second son was born. The springs are almost poking out and we have to lay pillows on there to make it a bit more comfortable. Me and my husbands back is always sore. We have sleepless nights always waking up from being sore and we have stiff necks and our muscles are sore as well. I had so many surgeries and I need a comfortable bed that won’t cause more pain to my life. We can’t even move around in our sleep without it making so much noise that it wakes us up.



Number 3

My bed is in need of some help. Although the mattress itself isn't too bad, I'm using a footboard as a headboard and I'm pretty sure it smells like toes. The footboard itself was second hand, so I don't even know who's stinky feet I'm sleeping next to. The two centre slats are missing from the head/foot board and I wonder if they were kicked out. I don't like to think about that too much. Having had two back surgeries, I can't tell you how important it is for me to have a good quality mattress and the current one is getting pretty worn out. I probably put about 3 miles on my bed each night, just tossing and turning. Although it may help to keep the old waistline in check, I think my back may be planning another attack. I also feel it is worth mentioning that I am having an internet affair with Egyptian cotton linens. I love and adore them but cannot afford the real thing in real life, so hence my clandestine relationship. Not only does the bed suck, I can't even dress it up to make it look pretty. 



Number 4

From an outsiders perspective, the bed looks okay: it is a twin size and has a calming appearance with its inviting headboard and comforters; however once sleeping (or trying to sleep) on the bed, is another rather uncomfortable, story. First of all, I am 5’11” tall and my spouse 6’4”  there just isn’t enough bed for the both of us! One of us (that would be me) usually ends up stretching across diagonally, leaving my spouse to cram into a small corner fighting to get a good nights sleep.  It’s not just the size of the bed that ensures one or both of us do not get a restful sleep, the mattress has a great deal to do about it. This bed came from a lower-grade Ikea type store, that has an all in one mattress system, which really is a euphemism for cheap box spring / mattress combo. While the store describes this bed as firm, it is more like sleeping on concrete. I often wake up with sore hips, a stiff neck, and lower back pain and my spouse also has to deal with his aching back and neck. We have tried everything: sleeping on different sides, a pillow under the back or between the knees, a memory foam topper, and various pillow sizes with no success at achieving a sound sleep. Not only are we both sore in the mornings, but we also feel exhausted. Clearly, we are not getting the quality of sleep that we need. A new bed could let us comfortably stretch out and fall asleep without the regular tossing and turning routine, which will allow us to wake up feeling relaxed and rested.



Number 5

This is the bed I seem to spend most of my nights on. I suffer from Fybromyalgia and toss and turn almost every night in pain. I wake my husband with my tossing and turning trying to get comfortable so I move to the spare bed after a hour or so of this nightly ritual. This is the one you see in the picture. It’s very old and has a spring sticking up on the left side. I have to be careful not to turn over on that side but at least I'm not keeping hubby awake any more. I would love a new Intellibed to relieve the pain in my back, hips, shoulders and arms. Maybe then I could sleep like like a baby ALL night long!! Thank you! 

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