Peak's Pets Of The Week

The Northwest Animal Shelter Society's goal has been to build an animal shelter to assist animals in our area.  We are located in north central BC, where there are few services offered for animals, and our climate is often harsh - abandoned animals can lead a short and cruel life.

If you're thinking about an addition for your family, we have the "purr-fect" solution! Join Marisca Dekkema every Wednesday at 4:20 when she introduces The Peak's Pet's of the Week. A different dog and cat from the Northwest Animal Shelter Society will be featured every week. She will chat with a shelter volunteer, and post pictures on You can see the dog of the week live in the studio by logging onto our sky net webcam feed. To get more details visit! The Peak's pets of the week are brought to you by the pet-friendly people at Dog Digs in Telkwa!

The Northwest Animal Shelter is a non-profit animal rescue group with cats and dogs of all ages looking for loving homes. You can visit their website at and look under animals in need. Donations to the shelter can be made at any Bulkley Valley Credit Union location. Help do your part to stop animal over population now! Please have your pet spayed or neutered.


Dog Of The Week

FOR ADOPTION: Mia is a young (6+ months) border collie mix with a fairly severe case of mange on her neck area, belly and legs. She was fearful when we first got her but she has been in foster care for a few weeks now and is learning how to be a great family dog. She is learning commands, has a sweet disposition and will make someone a good pet who has time for long walks. She's housetrained. Mia is just starting her mange treatment and the vet anticipates that she will be just about back to normal in about 3 months. The mange is demodectic mange and not contagious to other pets or people. This mange is brought on by a weak immune system. As Mia was a stray, we know nothing about her prior history.

For more information on demodectic mange:

Cat Of the Week

FOR ADOPTION:  Last year Matilda's owner had to go into a senior's home and couldn't keep her any longer. Matilda took this very hard and is having a difficult time adjusting in her new home. Matilda needs a quiet home with a female owner who would like a cat for companionship. Matilda is not used to being around men and doesn't like them very much. She has long hair and needs to be groomed. Contact [email protected]

It is spring and we have a lot of cats and for adoption!! Can you help us by fostering? All you need is a small room to keep an animal safe and warm. To see all of our cats and kittens for adoption, please visit and click under Animals in Need.

Reminder to all dog owners:  Proper identification helps ensure that your dog can make its way home in the case of theft, loss, or other emergency situations. If your dog is spayed or neutered you can get an ID tag from the Town of Smithers for $15.00. Tags are one of the easiest and cheapest methods of identification and helps reunite you and your pet quickly - often avoiding a trip to the pound. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number on the tag. By adding your cell phone number as well, you can even be reached if you are out of the house. If you travel or move, be sure to update the information or use temporary tags.